Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Sound of Music

My first rehearsal for The Sound of Music was last Tuesday evening. I'll be playing the role of the Baroness in NHS Dramatics production on June 24-28. If you want tickets, let me know. They are $10 for students/senior citizens and $12 for adults. I am thrilled that after 10 years I am finally once again able to feed this creative side of me. Plus, I have two songs to sing! (In the movie version, Elsa just gets to look sophisticated and snooty without any apparent vocal abilities.) I'm told that I'll be wigged as a platinum blonde and will have a custom-made ball gown along with fake eyelashes. WHOO HOO! This is definitely NOT mommy gear! Here's hoping that me and my family will have the stamina and grace to make this a truly memorable event.

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