Thursday, May 7, 2009

National Day of Prayer?

Seems odd that we need a day "set aside" for this, yet I can appreciate the heart of the event. I'm realizing that, given this stage of life, hours set aside for prayer are virtually non-existent. Previously, I would lament and shame myself for such lack of discipline. Yet, now I see parenting as an act of worship and a means to connect with the Lord in a whole new manner. Prayer now is much more like breathing now and comes naturally. It's not something I conjure up with hefty jargon and worked-up emotion. It happens as I watch my daugther walk down the path to her school, as I pour milk into my son's cup, as I gather my daughter's hair into a pony tail. Prayer is where I live, it's how I live. Sometimes it is more intentional, deeper, more dramatic. Sometimes it is bittersweet and stained with salty, painful tears. Sometimes it is exuberant and passionately vibrant. Prayer is communing with Papa and waiting on Him to respond. Or it is Him beckoning me to pull away for just a moment and open up my senses even more to His presence. Sometimes I catch myself praying out loud, as if the running dialogue spilled over from my mind to my mouth without warning.

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Andrea said...

I completely agree. I was thinking this morning as I was washing dishes, mowing the grass, sweeping the kitchen floor, doing laundry, etc of how refreshing it felt to be in almost constant communion with my Father and the Holy Spirit. Thanks for the encouragement!