Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Autumn Crispness

Autumn makes me smile both inside and out. Here's why is tickles me with delight.

From fruit pies to spiced cider to roast pumpkin seeds and crisp broccoli from the garden, the tastes of fall are pungent and particularly satisfying. They remind me of home and call me to stop and savor the small, almost unnoticeable goodness of life.

Each year I like to designate a tree as my visual experiment. Typically, this is a tree that I pass by nearly every day and take special notice of the brilliant colors of rust, orange, burgundy, red, yellow, or any variety of hue. This year's tree is on the way to work, so I pass by it with my two younger children.

There's something exciting about pulling out new clothing...or at least clothing that hasn't been worn since last winter. Reconnecting with sweaters, boots, vests, fleece, and coats is a treat. Watching my children grow into bigger sizes (especially those precious footed jammies and fleece hats/scarves/mittens) is amazing!

Impending Death with Certain New Life
Of course, I have to get a little philosophical on you. :) Dying plants, flowers, and leaves abound during this time of year. Plant life dehydrates, loses color, becomes brittle and stiff. Yet, I am able to tolerate and find beauty in this action because I am sure of the promise of new life. The only way I can survive with death all around me is knowing that death is not certain, final, or a the end. Death is a beginning, as it leads to nourishment, rejuvenation, and inward tending to roots. Death is preparation for change.

And this I know for sure...change is for real in my life. My grasp to things is loose, my holding on to people is tighter, and my clinging to God is utterly desperate.

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