Thursday, August 21, 2008

Misty Eyes

Last night Bud and I entered Mr. Herbein's kindergarten class for the first time. Sadie will meet him and take in all of the sights of her new classroom tomorrow afternoon. She will begin school next Monday. I remember my own "first day of school" and how my stomach flitted with joy. (That same friendly butterfly still emerges EACH time I step in front of a group of people to speak since they think I have something intelligent to say!) Sadie just sparkles with delight upon even the mention of school, and she cradles her backpack, lunch box, and new clothes and school supplies with motherly affection.

Yet, all of this nostalgia and promise have caused me to pause. Aren't I supposed to be feeling sad? Sadie's principal talked about the need to keep the tears hidden from these freshest of students as they boarded the bus. I sat there, wondering if I was/am abnormal. There isn't a hint of sadness in me, at least not today. Go, board the bus, conquer the world, Sadie Joy! Be grand, be great, burst onto the scene. I have NO DOUBT that she will love this educational journey and be a huge blessing to her teacher and classmates. She will take Jesus with her and speak truth and love. Sure, it will be a transition...yet we've been preparing for this moment for over a year now. The tears may be one of watching her walk further into her destiny, not sadness that she won't be with me. The Lord has helped Bud and I prepare her well, and we will continue to be her primary teachers in many aspects. She is ready, and so am I!

Fork, Please

Did you ever get a plate of food, look at it with intense scrutiny, and wonder how you would ever fit all of THAT into that stomach perched right behind your rock-hard abs? I love to eat and am forever thrilled at the opportunity to throw down some food. Yesterday, I metaphorically took my first glance at the plate of professorship. Yes, I've taught 6 classes at Messiah since Spring 2005. Yet, that was my moonlighting career. I would swoop into Boyer and then stealthily fly away after I offered my best attempt at a lecture and class discussion. I would done my SUPER HEATHER suit complete with its Belt of Wifehood, the Tiara of Mommydom, the Breast Pad of Nursing, the Tights of Daughterhood, and the Cape of Mystical Bilocationality since it felt like I had to be two (or more!) places at once to actually get everything accomplished in one day. Now, I get to focus on ONE thing at a time. I am being oriented to the college and all of its departments. In essence, I get to see the complex web of college life and realize my tiny (albeit important) part in the grand scheme of Chrisitan education. And I'm left wondering how I will ever manage all of this information (the psychological, the spiritual, the relational, the academic, the physical), how will I digest it and not end up with a big ole tummy ache? And then, I remember some African wisdom that comes via a simple Q & A. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.